NT HYBRID Lifting BAgs

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NT Hybrid Lifting BAgs

It is the design of the NT Hybrid that is the driving force behind its many features and capabilities. The oval shape forces the bag to stay flat throughout the lift. Its embedded Load Capacity Enhancer (LCE) and Stability Center turns limitations of lifting bags into strengths and ease of use.



With the NT Hybrid you can easily connect 2 or more NT Hybrid bags or connect the optional Power Plate and use interlocking cribbing blocks. Full lifting capacity, stability and safety remains unaffected.



Stability Center

 The Stability Center consists of a metal core with threaded connectors in the middle that allow the bags to follow the load (the angle as a result of a side load).



The Load Capacity Enhancer provides maximized lifting capacity at maximum lifting heights. It prevents capacity loss and the incapability of lifting smaller objects. If only 10% of its surface area is used, the NT Hybrid still delivers 100% lifting capacity.



  • Woven carbon fiber
  • The thinnest oval bag in the market
  • Large stroke or effective lifting height
  • The lightest in the industry and highest power to weight ratio
  • LCE with integreated load capacity

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RESQTEC's NT Hybrid Lifting Bags - The thinnest oval bag in the market. Large stroke or effective lifting height. The lightest in the industry and highest power to weight ratio. Load Capacity Enhancer with integration point load capability. Partnerships in distribution with POWER HAWK TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

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Stabilization Kits

Our kits are created to provide you with maximum versatility. Whether it's vehicle extrication (including armored), damage control, aircraft rescues, special operations, collapse rescues, remote rescues, indoor and confined space operations, forcible entry, rapid-intervention teams and more, we will help you select the right kit to get the job done.


Decicated to rescue  - Dedicated to you

RESQTEC's NT Lifting Bags and Block Cribbing are essential for any cribbing or lifting operation. Keeping the operator at a safe distance, and with stronger and more dependable gear, your lifting operations will give you the confidence to get the job done. POWER HAWK TECHNOLOGIES' Stablization Kits with RESQTEC's equipment makes it the perfect choice for:


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