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We at Power Hawk Technologies, Inc. are committed to our customers and to providing innovative engineered, high-quality products and accessories with outstanding customer support. Our unique solutions serve a wide variety of applications and markets including Fire/Rescue and Emergency Services, Military, Law Enforcement, Bomb Squad & EOD, Industrial, Nuclear, and more.





P-16 Rescue System

battery powered, non-HYDRAULIC
12 volts dc

P4 Rescue Tool

battery powered non-HYDRAULIC
43.2 volts Dc self-contained

Auto Crib-it Stabilization Tool


stabilize vehicles in seconds

Unmanned Operations


robot mounted and fixed station

Power Pusher Rams

all-mechanical, modular system

Swench Manual Impact Wrenches

the cure for the breaker bar


Partners in Distribution with

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Power Hawk Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive Partner Master Distributor for all RESQTEC product sales and support in North America.





We serve a wide variety of applications and markets including:


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Fire/Rescue and Emergency Services

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Law Enforcement

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...And more!


on the job, around the world

Committed to solving our customers’ needs by providing innovative engineered and high-quality products and accessories, coupled with outstanding customer support. Learn more about our company and products by clicking the button below.