Lt. Dennis Mojica of FDNY Rescue 1

Lt. Dennis Mojica of FDNY Rescue 1

The Curtiss-Wright Power Hawk Family would like to pay special tribute to one of New York’s bravest and a good friend – Lt. Dennis Mojica of FDNY Rescue Company 1, who lost his life on September 11, 2001 while rescuing others at the World Trade Center. Lt. Mojica was on duty in Rescue 1 when the alarm came in. He was ascending staircase B of the North Tower when it collapsed into a pile of steel, dust, fire and ash. Dennis spent 30 years with FDNY in all the busiest areas of the city – most of them in the rescue companies, and was an expert in saving lives. Dennis was a member of the Urban Search And Rescue Teams of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and was a well-respected and effective instructor in rescue-related emergency operations.

Dennis was also part of our Power Hawk family, a partner with Technical Rescue Services, Inc. who is our sales representative for New York City, Dallas TX, and the State of Florida. He was a strong believer in the Power Hawk and truly felt that the tool could significantly improve operations in any rescue, removal, or recovery situation. Dennis traveled across the country to train and demonstrate techniques on the use of the Power Hawk to many Fire and Emergency Response Departments - recently including Dallas, Texas and Miami-Dade, Florida. We will miss Dennis, his dedication and expertise, sense of humor,infectious smile, "no problem" attitude, and his friendship.

Our sympathy, thoughts and prayers go out to Dennis’ fiancée Maria, his daughter Alexandria, his sister Judy, his immediate family and certainly his extended family – the firefighters of the City of New York.

We also wish to pay tribute to the hundreds of members of New York’s Fire Department, Police Department, EMS, and Port Authority Police who responded to the incident that morning and lost their lives rescuing and removing more than 25,000 people before the collapsing structure overcame them.