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The POWER HAWK® P-16 Rescue System has gone UNMANNED! Developed with TSWG and Northrop Grumman REMOTEC, the Power Hawk has been successfully integrated onto REMOTEC‘s highly versatile Andros F6A/B, Wolverine and 5A1 robots for remote spreading, cutting, and crushing operations... Keeping danger at a distance! This new remote capability provides a multi-purpose interchangeable spreader & cutter tool that uses non-energetic methods for responding to various threats and operations including VBIED, PBIED, suspicious packages and devices, hostage rescue, and more. Capabilities include…

  • For VBIED response: Provide access into vehicles, such as opening truck roll-up and trailer doors, opening vehicle side and rear doors, opening trunks and hoods, cutting vehicle posts and hinges, breaking window glass, etc.
  • For PBIED response: Cut collars, straps, harnesses, and other device components to remove an IED from a person.
  • For suspicious packages and devices: Spread and/or cut open suspicious containers, suitcases, bags, boxes, devices, etc.
  • Force open building doors, fences, barred windows, etc.
  • Cut rebar, cables, etc.
  • Lift or move heavy objects.
  • The F6A / Power Hawk Upgrade Kit allows the P-16 Rescue Tool to be set down and released so that the operator can utilize the F6A grippers. The F6A can then re-engage and pick-up the P-16 Rescue Tool for continued spreading and cutting operations.
  • The P-16 Rescue Tool provides a unique 70-degree articulation of the spreaders and cutters that adds compliance and lessens reaction forces on the robot. This articulation also enables spreading and cutting operations in tight or angled robot positions.
  • Spreader and Cutter attachments can be changed in seconds.
  • The P-16 Rescue System is COTS and can be used as a man-portable tool by simply removing the robot gripper blocks (8 screws) and re-installing the handles.
unmanned product

unmanned product

unmanned product

unmanned product

unmanned product

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The Inter-Agency Board (IAB) recently modified the language in Category 02EX-02-RBTL-Attachments/Tools, Robot of the Standardized Equipment List (SEL) to ensure it addresses emerging VBIED response capabilities such as the Power Hawk NERAT.

Grant funds may be used to purchase the Power Hawk NERAT

under FEMA’s Authorized Equipment List (AEL)

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